At College Park Covenant, we love little ones!

We create a safe and fun environment for children to grow in their love for Jesus and feel cared for by the church. 

We have amazing volunteers working with our children. They are creative, loving, competent and love to teach kids about Jesus. Each volunteer is screened through our 'Plan to Protect' program, has done a police check and works by a Code of Conduct developed to keep kids and adults safe and healthy together.

Nursery is for ages 0 to 3 years old

Our Nursery is on the same floor where the worship service is happening. Volunteers will play with, read stories to, do simple age-appropriate crafts and make space for play with plenty of toys. A simple snack is served. Nursery childcare is available year round.

Each child is signed in with a name tag with information about food allergies, bathroom needs, etc. Each child is released at the end of the service to a parent with the tag that matches his/her name tag. Parents can be contacted during the service via text message.

Junior Church is for 4 to 9 years old

Our Junior Church kids worship in the service for the first half hour or so and then are released to the classrooms and large room downstairs for the remainder of the service. Junior Church is currently divided into two age groups: 4 to 6 years old and 7 to 9 years old. Occasionally the groups will do activities together. Curriculum, craft activities, drama, music, cooking and special projects vary for each group. Volunteers teach one class for a month at a time so children and adults get to know each other well. During July and August kids remain in the service to practice participating in prayer time and listening to the pastors' Bible teaching, plus we have colouring sheets and activities available, too.

(Psst... the picture above is a still frame from our 2014 Jr. Church Christmas movie project!)

Baptism and Dedication

In bringing your child to the community of faith to be either baptized or dedicated, you are acknowledging your desire and the child’s need for the gathered church to help children come to faith and to grow in faith throughout their lives. Baptism and dedication are similar, but not the same. Baptism is a sacrament that looks forward to God’s searching, seeking and finding us. Dedication is a practice developed in relation to believer baptism and points to the parent’s commitment to raise their child in a way that teaches of God’s love.

When parents bring their child for baptism, they acknowledge in the sacrament, God’s promise and the unmerited gift of God’s redeeming grace. Its emphasis is not on our response, but on what God has already graciously done for us through Jesus Christ.

Parents who dedicate their child look forward to the day when the child hears, believes, and is baptized. The believer who is baptized makes public, through immersion or sprinkling, the witness to this conversion and a pledge of personal discipleship. The focus here is more on the believer’s conscious reception of God’s grace.

At College Park we celebrate the historic diversity of the body of Christ and recognize both practices in our community. For more information you can read the Covenant’s statement on baptism here.


Every few years we offer Confirmation, an opportunity for teens to dig deeper into God's Word and grow in their life-long journey as Jesus’ disciple. Using the ECC’s own "The Journey" curriculum, students learn the foundational beliefs of Christian faith, the story of the Bible, and growing pains of the Church throughout history.

During the two year journey, students spend time working through their journals, reflecting on their learning, and coming together to dive deeper into God’s word. After students have completed the process, they will be given the opportunity to participate in Confirmation Sunday—a day where we celebrate and affirm their accomplishment.