06/12/16 – 06/18/17

Our Family Tree

Each summer we’ve been getting to know our ancestors in faith by walking through their stories in the Bible, letting them teach us about walking with God.

  • Solomon’s Story

    Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, 12:13-14

  • David Sets the Stage for Solomon

    1 Chronicles 22:5-19

  • David: A Man After God’s Own Heart

    Words of David from Psalm 62:9, 18:3, 31:9, 27:1, 18:1, 4:7, 9:1, 119:34, 25:11, 23:6 What made David ‘a man after God’s own heart’? And how might we grow into that kind of trust and relationship with our Creator?

  • David the Leader

    2 Samuel 22:1-20,28-37,47-51 Each person is leader – we all influence those close to us and are responsible to choose how we will lead our own lives. We can learn much from King David’s life as a leader whose confidence was in God rather than himself.

  • David and Mistakes

    Psalms 51

  • David the Youngest

    1 Samuel 16:1-13a Samuel anoints David king; God looks at the heart.

  • Saul the Bad Apple

    Acts 13:13-37 King Saul turns out to be a bad king…

  • Samuel, Saul and Our King Jesus

    1 Samuel 8:4-21a, 1 Samuel 9-10, 1 Samuel 13:1-14 Israel wanted a king to make them feel secure, to do the following and listening to God for them. In contrast to Saul, Jesus is the true King that Israel and we all need.

  • Samuel: The Ark and the Ebenezer

    1 Samuel 7:3-12 Though the Israelites struggle with wandering away from God, Samuel calls them to return to the Lord with all their hearts and to remember his companioning help.

  • Samuel: Learning To Listen

    1 Samuel 2:12-3:21 Let us learn from the boy Samuel to open the ears of hearts, to tune in to God’s voice of love and guidance, to lean on other trusted listeners, and to follow through in obedience to what we’ve heard.

  • Hannah: Asking & Trusting

    1 Samuel 1:1-2:11 Will we allow Hannah’s story of grief and reliance on God inspire us to ask and to trust our loving Creator?

  • Ruth: Faithfulness and Redemption

    Ruth 1-4 The tender love story of Ruth and Boaz is one chapter in Ruth’s huge life of faithfulness. God redeemed the bitterness of her and Naomi’s lives, grafting this Moabite woman into the family tree of both King David and Jesus, the Redeemer of all our broken lives.