01/03/16 – 04/03/16

Good News For Everyone From Mark

We’re running with Jesus through Mark’s action-packed gospel account, asking God’s Spirit to transform us that we might join God in bringing Jesus’ kingdom on earth.

  • Easter: Believe

    Mark 16:9-20 Learning from the early church’s understanding of Jesus’ resurrection as expressed in the later ending of Mark’s gospel.

  • Easter: Go and Tell

    Mark 15:40-16:8 The women’s question on the way to Jesus’ tomb—”Who will roll away the stone?”—is what’s on everyone’s mind. Who will free us from death and all its friends? This IS the good news for everyone: Jesus is risen and he is making all things new! Will we go and tell?

  • Holy, Human Week

    Mark 14:12-52 The beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice in the midst of the very human messiness of his followers and our world.

  • Out With the Old, In With the New

    Mark 13 Jesus teaches his disciples that their old temple-centred life is being replaced by life in God’s Spirit.

  • Jesus’ Core Purpose

    Mark 12 In the midst of a barrage of questions from leaders of the religious establishment, Jesus declares his mission, teaching us to love God with all we are and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

  • The King In the Temple

    Mark 11 Jesus clears the temple and teaches as the true ruler of God’s kingdom.

  • Good Works, Wealth and Jesus

    Mark 10:17-31 Jesus’ interaction with the young rich man calls us out, challenging our easy cosiness with the greed celebrated in the world around us.

  • Mountaintop and Surrender Valley

    Mark 8:27-9:41, 10:13-16, 10:32-45 The way of the cross and the mystery of Jesus’ transfiguration. Here’s the video about the nano-world which Kirsten showed to start this sermon, an excerpt from “Mysteries of the Unseen World” on Netflix.

  • Seeing With Jesus’ Eyes

    Mark 8:1-30 What if we could see reality in all its beauty and fullness? Jesus wants to give us his eyes to see the world. Here’s the video Kirsten showed to start this sermon, these are people with colour-blindness trying on Enchroma glasses for the first time, which allow them to see the colours fully:

  • Fear, Faith and Jesus’ Kingship

    Mark 4:35-41, 5:21-43, 6:45-51 Jesus calms a storm, heals, raises from death, and walks on water. Who is this man?

  • Explosive News

    Mark 4:1-34 Jesus’ teaching is dynamite!

  • Building the Team, Rocking Their World

    Mark 1:14-20,  2:13-14, 2:23-3:19 Jesus shatters his disciples perception of who’s in and who’s out in his kingdom.

  • Jesus Is the King

    Mark 1:1-2:12 Introducing Mark’s good news which is for everyone (including you!): Jesus is King and in his kingdom all who are far off from God are welcomed home and called to be transformed by God’s Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus’ Discipleship Curriculum of Your Life

    Luke 5:1-11 God became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood to fulfill his vast and beautiful kingdom purposes, and he chooses ordinary people (like us) to join in God’s deeply good work. Will you follow Jesus in whatever is his next step for you, letting him teach you within the messy stuff of your daily life?