03/27/16 – 07/15/18


These sermons from multiple Easter seasons celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and how we might live more fully into his life-changing reality every day.

  • Easter – Come and See

    Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10

  • Upside Down Kingdom – Upside Down King

    Scripture: Matthew 21:1-17  

  • Easter: Remember!

    Luke 24 Easter is all about remembering Jesus, as is the Lord’s Table. Click here to learn more about our Community Bible Experience.

  • Easter: Grace and the Call To Follow

    John 21:1-22 Just as Jesus extended abundant grace to Peter, serving him breakfast on the beach after his denial, Jesus offers us restoration and calls us to follow him in resurrection life.

  • Easter: Believe

    Mark 16:9-20 Learning from the early church’s understanding of Jesus’ resurrection as expressed in the later ending of Mark’s gospel.

  • Easter: Go and Tell

    Mark 15:40-16:8 The women’s question on the way to Jesus’ tomb—”Who will roll away the stone?”—is what’s on everyone’s mind. Who will free us from death and all its friends? This IS the good news for everyone: Jesus is risen and he is making all things new! Will we go and tell?